Friday, April 17, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Foster

As most of you know, we are married! It was a beautiful day! It was the wedding of my dreams, and it went perfectly! Ben was soo handsome in his tux, and I think I looked pretty damn good too! Riley was perfect all day, only cried once - of course when we were having her blessed by the Deacon. The reception was soo much fun. I only wish we had more time to visit with each person who one point, Ben and I had to say "okay, let's just go have fun or we'll miss our own reception." Thank you to my parents for making my dream wedding come true, if it weren't for them it wouldn't have! Love ya!

We want to thank all of you for being part of our special day. Having you all there made our wedding day what it was and we couldn't imagine it without you! We love you all!

Deacon Dean did a wonderful ceremony, we were so lucky to have gotten him!

Right after the ceremony

My dad with Riley - this is the most he has ever smiled in any picture, EVER!

I love the way Ben loves his mother!

And she is the reason why we chose April 4th as our wedding date - it's my grandmother's birthday. She is so very important to me, my inspiration to be a good, no great, mother, wife, daughter, friend and every other role that I will ever play in my life.

And now onto precious Riley - She is getting so big so fast! She weighs 15lbs give or take a few ounces. She giggles, coos, screeches (in a playful way), sucks her big toe and does so much more. She amazes me everyday. It's amazing to watch a child experience, learn and acknowledge all the new things in the world. Everyday there is something new for her to see, feel or hear. Ben and I love being parents! We are so lucky, Riley is such a good baby....I mean, we even have days that she doesn't cry at all! (I should probably knock on wood...)

I will post new pics of her soon!