Friday, December 25, 2009

Where did the time go!

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope everyone's holiday season was filled with Love, Friends, Family, Laughter, and Happiness! The past month and a half have been wonderful for us! Riley's 1st birthday party was on 11/15 and she turned 1 years old on 11/20! We had a great Thanksgiving at Ben's mom's and sister's house. Riley just adores her cousin Brody!
December was filled with Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! We celebrated the Trussell Christmas party at the beginning of the month, and haven't stopped! Riley was soo cute this morning opening her gifts and playing with her new toys. She especially likes her tricycle and her rocking motorcycle (that her grampy T. made her, pic is below!!). We have two more Christmas' to celebrate over the weekend and we can't wait. The greatest part of this time of year is spending time with family!

As for Riley, around her Birthday party she had been walking very unsteadily. About a week later she was practically running! She babbles and talks NON STOP!! She loves bath time, it lasts on average 40 minutes. Which gives mommy time to read! She is saying a lot now, the cutest though is "tickle, tickle, tickle"!

Ben and I are doing wonderful! Ben is still plugging away at BIW. I have started selling Mary Kay and absolutely LOVE it! Ben and I are talking about moving closer to BIW within the next year. We definitely need a bigger house now with all the toys and stuff from Riley's birthday and Christmas!

Here are some pictures...hope you enjoy them!

Riley loved her cake!
We spent Thanksgiving with the Anderson/Staples family. This is Riley and her cousin Brody loving each other! So cute!

Cute outfit for Christmas eve with the Caron family

This has got to be the cutest Jacket/hat set on earth!

My dad, Brian, made this for Riley! So detailed and beautiful!! She loves it!

She Loved Christmas!
The first thing she went to was her bike that Santa brought her!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year! We love you all!
Ben, Sarah & Riley

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Riley was the most adorable pink ladybbug ever! We didn't do much but went to visit her great grammy, grammy & grampy T., and her aunt Lynn. Riley seemed to enjoy the attention...imagine that!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

9 months....Already!!

It's been quite a while since I posted anything new...Thanks to my stepmom for bugging me about it! Riley has gotten so big! She has also developed quite the personality - she is funny, outgoing, stubborn (she gets that from her dad, I promise!), determined and so smart! She has one tooth on the bottom showing and one cutting through on the top. She pulls herself up and and gets back down. She is also a little "speed racer" on her hands and knees. Riley loves being outside and seems to like camping. I think she would like being on the boat if she didn't have to wear a life jacket that doesn't let her even put her hands together.

This was her first outing to the beach. She loved it!

getting ready for a boat ride

This is her "I'm pooping" face

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Riley Marie...6 months already!

Riley is six months on the 20th...we can't believe how fast she is growing, changing and learning! She is such a smart baby. She sees something done once and she will copy it. She loves her Jumparoo (like a johnny jump up) and bounces like crazy!! She also loves to chew on this thing called a raspberry, nice and textured and you can freeze it to help soothe teething...argh!!! little nervous for that, but I think it's coming! Riley loves her voice, screams, talks and laughs a lot! She is still smiling at everyone and is friendly as ever! Riley can now sit up on her own and roll and roll and roll.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Foster

As most of you know, we are married! It was a beautiful day! It was the wedding of my dreams, and it went perfectly! Ben was soo handsome in his tux, and I think I looked pretty damn good too! Riley was perfect all day, only cried once - of course when we were having her blessed by the Deacon. The reception was soo much fun. I only wish we had more time to visit with each person who one point, Ben and I had to say "okay, let's just go have fun or we'll miss our own reception." Thank you to my parents for making my dream wedding come true, if it weren't for them it wouldn't have! Love ya!

We want to thank all of you for being part of our special day. Having you all there made our wedding day what it was and we couldn't imagine it without you! We love you all!

Deacon Dean did a wonderful ceremony, we were so lucky to have gotten him!

Right after the ceremony

My dad with Riley - this is the most he has ever smiled in any picture, EVER!

I love the way Ben loves his mother!

And she is the reason why we chose April 4th as our wedding date - it's my grandmother's birthday. She is so very important to me, my inspiration to be a good, no great, mother, wife, daughter, friend and every other role that I will ever play in my life.

And now onto precious Riley - She is getting so big so fast! She weighs 15lbs give or take a few ounces. She giggles, coos, screeches (in a playful way), sucks her big toe and does so much more. She amazes me everyday. It's amazing to watch a child experience, learn and acknowledge all the new things in the world. Everyday there is something new for her to see, feel or hear. Ben and I love being parents! We are so lucky, Riley is such a good baby....I mean, we even have days that she doesn't cry at all! (I should probably knock on wood...)

I will post new pics of her soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

3 months and counting...

Riley is now 3 months and two weeks old...we just can't believe how fast the time has flown by! Riley is truly an amazing little baby. She smiles and laughs all the time, rarely fusses, is completely engaging, and loves to shop! Of course mommy had nothing to do with developing her admiration for shopping!

The wedding is coming just as fast as Riley has grown. In just four weeks the deed will be done and the family will become one! We are both excited, but nervous for all the small things to come together...well I guess I stress over that more than Ben. We can't wait to share our special day with our friends and family. And for those of you who can't make it, there will be plenty pictures to show.

Say Cheese!

Riley's curly q's

Mommy's baby girl

Love this hat!

3 months 11 days

Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 weeks

Wow, Riley is 10 weeks today! That time has flown by! She has changed so much and is so entertaining! She smiles and babbles and just recently has started to giggle a little. As of last week she weighed 10lbs 15oz...I am sure she is up to 11 by now.

We hope everyone is staying warm in this cold weather!