Thursday, August 13, 2009

9 months....Already!!

It's been quite a while since I posted anything new...Thanks to my stepmom for bugging me about it! Riley has gotten so big! She has also developed quite the personality - she is funny, outgoing, stubborn (she gets that from her dad, I promise!), determined and so smart! She has one tooth on the bottom showing and one cutting through on the top. She pulls herself up and and gets back down. She is also a little "speed racer" on her hands and knees. Riley loves being outside and seems to like camping. I think she would like being on the boat if she didn't have to wear a life jacket that doesn't let her even put her hands together.

This was her first outing to the beach. She loved it!

getting ready for a boat ride

This is her "I'm pooping" face

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The Vigue Family said...

And your stepmom is very pleased with your posting - I can not believe what a littl lady Riley is becoming - I adore her fashionable wardrobe - hoping to add to that soon. Love Missy