Thursday, February 11, 2010

How time flies!!

It seems like just yesterday I posted a blog about Christmas. I can't get over how fast time flies when you have a child. I never truly appreciated the warnings "She'll grow so fast" until now, after realizing that this month Riley is 15 months old, yup 15 months! She is so smart and absolutely adorable! She can say a few more words now (again, huh, ummm, yup, nononono, mom, dad, hi, dog, duck) and she can do a couple signs. She is so independent...she won't even play with me half the time! She gives kisses like crazy now too!
One of Riley's new talents.....

One day after I had swept I left the broom out and looked over and she was "sweeping", then I gave her the mop :)

This is one of the boys I watch after school. Riley just adores him and his brother and they are so good with her.

Riley's cousin Anne took her sledding after a huge storm, they had fun but eventually had to go to the driveway to pull Riley because the snow was too deep. This is probably Riley's favorite cousin, she loves Anne!

Riley loves designer purses, I have no idea where she got that from!

mmmmm.....finger lickin' good!

Our good friend TJ and Becky had their baby boy, Scottie on 1/1/10. Riley is soo cute with him and she just loved holding him. She kept kissing his forhead and hand, just like I do to her when I hold her. So cute! I think she is ready to be a big sister!

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