Tuesday, November 23, 2010

{drum roll} It's a boy!!

We are such a blessed family! Lucas Alonzo Foster joined our family on 11/20/2010 @ 3:24am. Yes you read that right, Lucas was born on Riley's birthday!! They are 2 years and 29 minutes apart! What are the chances?!

Lucas wieghed 8lbs 11oz and is 21.5 inches long. The labor and deliver was really intense and fast and we had the most amazing nurse, resident, and ob doc ever! Thayer hospital really is THE place to go if you're having a baby. Twice now I can say that they were completely amazing -all the nurses, housekeeping, residents and the people delivering my food! Just great! And one of the nurses got Riley a birthday cake and all the nurses came in singing to her! Brought tears to my eyes!

Riley loves Lucas! She calls him baby right now, she can't really pronounce Lucas. She is really good with him and hasn't seemed too jealous of mom & dad spending time with him. But when his auntie came and held him or when his grammy held him -jealousy popped up!

Our First family picture! I love it -and even though Ben and I are not in tip top shape - this may be our Christmas pic! look at all of our smiles!
Lucas Alonzo Foster

shortly after delivery

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The Vigue Family said...

Oh happy day! Lucas's uncles can't wait to play...that may have to wait a few years. So happy to have met him!

With love